Running Tips for All Runners

Running can seem intimidating and exhausting but after applying a few of these tips to your routine, you might be surprised just how much fun running can be.

  • Proper running shoes – these are one of the most important parts of your running wardrobe. Runningshoes are made specifically for runners, with extra cushioning, the proper arch support for your type offoot, they help prevent injuries and can help you improve your overall athletic performance.
  • Start slow – It’s ok to walk. A lot of training programs alternate walking and running to help you gainthe stamina you need to run continuously for a longer distance.
  • Create a workout playlist – Running can get boring at times, especially if you run the same route. Keepyourself moving by listening to some “pump it up” music as your run.
  • Mix it up – It’s important to incorporate strength training into your workouts to strengthen yourmuscles, which will help prevent injuries while running.
  • Set a goal – Signing up for a race is a good motivator, especially if there is a fee involved. Mark it onyour calendar to help keep you going even when you don’t want to. Just picture how great you will feelafter you finish!
  • Use proper form – Proper form makes running easier. Keep your eyes on the prize, shoulders loose and run tall, swing your arms at 90 degrees forward and back and don’t clench your fists, pretend you are holding a potato chip between your thumb and forefinger.
  • Stretch after running – Warming up before running is important, however static stretching may cause more harm than good. Stretching after your run will help increase flexibility and prevent injury.