At-Home Workouts

weightguyNo time to hit the gym? There’s no place like home for a great workout.

Arm Workout

Do each exercise for 50 seconds, rest for 10 seconds in between each. Repeat circuit if you have some extra time.

1. Push-Ups
2. Bent Over Row
3. Chair Dips
4. Up-Down Plank (aka Plank Walks)
5. Arm Circles
6. Tricep Push-Ups
7. Rolling Side Plank

Leg Workout

Do the following exercises as a circuit, performing as many reps as possible of one move for 30 seconds, rest for 30 seconds in between each move. Repeat each circuit three to four times for an 18-24 minute workout.

1. Squat Jump
2. Walking Single-Leg Straight-Leg Deadlift
3. Side Lunge
4. Scissor Box Jump
5. Single-Leg Hip Raise
6. Alternating Drop Lunge

Abdominal Workout

If you have 6 minutes to spare you can get in a total ab workout without any equipment. Perform each exercise and repeat three times. Have some extra time or want more of a challenge? Then repeat this sequence five or even seven times to increase the difficulty.

1. 20 Flutter Kicks
2. 20 Air Bike Crunches
3. 10 Leg Raises
4. 10 Sit-Ups
5. 20 Knee-to-Elbow Crunches
6. 10 Sitting Twists (aka Russian Twist)
7. 10 Reverse Crunches
8. 10 Raised Leg Circles
9. 10 Windshield Wipers