Numb, tingly hands? It may be carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) occurs when the median nerve, which runs through a narrow passage called the carpal tunnel, becomes compressed or irritated. This compression can lead to various symptoms and discomfort.

Jonathan Cotton, MD
Jonathan Cotton, MD

“Carpal tunnel syndrome can be debilitating if left untreated,” says Riverside Orthopedic Surgeon Jonathan Cotton, MD. “We are committed to providing the best possible care for our patients.”

Riverside offers several treatment options for CTS, from physical therapy to surgery. The choice of treatment depends on the severity of symptoms and individual circumstances. Talk with your provider to see what’s right for you.

Conservative treatments, like making your workspace more ergonomic and taking regular breaks to stretch your hands, may be suggested first. You can also try wearing a wrist splint or brace during activities that trigger symptoms and while sleeping.

Another option is physical therapy. A physical therapist can guide you through exercises and stretches that promote flexibility, strengthen the affected muscles and improve overall hand function. They may also use techniques such as ultrasound therapy to provide relief.

If conservative treatments fail to provide relief, surgery may be considered.

Minimally invasive surgery available at Riverside
Riverside Orthopedic Specialists recently began offering a new, minimally invasive approach to carpal tunnel release (CTR) surgery using the UltraGuideCTR by Sonex Health.

This low-profile approach helps protect the sensitive anatomy of the hand. The procedure is done in an outpatient setting, usually the physician’s office, and allows for a faster recovery and less pain.

Taruna Madhav Crawford, MD, CIME
Taruna Madhav Crawford, MD, CIME

With UltraGuideCTR, the physician performs CTR through a small incision under real-time ultrasound guidance. Then the incision can typically be closed with an adhesive strip or bandage instead of sutures.

“For many, the Sonex procedure offers an opportunity to get the relief they are seeking,” says Orthopedic Hand Surgeon Taruna Madhav Crawford, MD, CIME. “Often my patients are apprehensive because of the recovery time associated with traditional carpal tunnel surgery; this offers a different approach.”

Most patients return to regular activity in three to six days.

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