Breathe Easier – Know the signs and prevention tips for common respiratory issues

Common respiratory issues affect millions of people worldwide. According to Samrat Khanna, MD, Riverside pulmonologist, “Respiratory problems can arise due to various factors such as pollution, smoking, infections, inflammatory conditions, and lifestyle choices. Understanding and identifying the underlying cause is essential for their prevention and effective management.” Emphasizing good respiratory hygiene, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and seeking timely medical attention can significantly reduce the burden of these common respiratory illnesses.

Samrat Khanna, MD
Samrat Khanna, MD

Among the prevalent conditions, asthma takes center stage. Dr. Khanna explains, “Asthma, a chronic inflammatory airway disorder, affects individuals of all ages. Early diagnosis and proper management are crucial to control symptoms and improve patient’s quality of life.”

Another concerning respiratory ailment is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Dr. Khanna emphasizes, “COPD, largely caused by smoking, poses a significant healthcare burden. Quitting smoking and adopting a healthier lifestyle are crucial in COPD prevention.”

Air quality has been an issue in the area recently, and while air quality isn’t a persistent issue, it is important to know how to keep your lungs healthy if air quality is poor. “If the air quality is unhealthy, try to stay indoors and limit outdoor activities,” says Dr. Khanna. “Especially sensitive groups should consider wearing either an N95 or N99 mask to protect themselves if they must go outside.”

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