Encouraging the Men in Your Life to Prioritize Health

When it comes to taking care of their health, men often find themselves at the back of the queue. Whether it’s due to a fear of doctors, busy schedules, or a simple lack of awareness, encouraging the men in your life to see a primary care provider and get annual screenings can make a significant difference in their well-being.

Hamzeh Badwan, MD, Family Medicine
Hamzeh Badwan, MD, Family Medicine

“A primary care provider is your family’s partner in health. We want you and your family to live your healthiest lives, and doing that requires action all around,” says Hamzeh Badwan, MD, Family Medicine Provider at Riverside Watseka Campus. Knowing how to support other family members in prioritizing their health is a great place to start. Here are some tips on how you can help the men you care about prioritize their health.

1. Start a Conversation:
Open communication is key. Ask the men in your life about their health and any concerns they may have. Encourage them to talk about their worries, and actively listen to their responses.

2. Share Information:
Sometimes, men might not fully understand the importance of regular check-ups and screenings. Share information about common health risks, such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Let them know that early detection can lead to better outcomes.

3. Set an Example:
Lead by example. If you prioritize your own health and attend regular check-ups, it’s more likely the men in your life will follow suit.

4. Emphasize Preventive Care:
Remind them that annual screenings are not just about treating illness but also about preventing it. Early detection can prevent many health issues from becoming serious.

5. Make It Convenient:
Help them find a primary care doctor or clinic that is conveniently located and offers flexible hours. This can make scheduling and attending appointments much more manageable.

6. Celebrate Milestones:
Encourage them to view health screenings as milestones rather than obligations. After a check-up, celebrate with a healthy meal or an activity you both enjoy.

7. Highlight Success Stories:
Share stories of individuals who benefited from early detection through screenings. Success stories can inspire and motivate your loved ones to act.

Remember, men’s health is everyone’s concern, and your support can make a significant impact. By encouraging the men in your life to prioritize their health through regular check-ups and annual screenings, you are not only promoting their well-being but also strengthening your bonds and ensuring many more years of shared happiness.

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