Providing Care and Support: The Vital Role of Riverside Healthcare’s SANE Program

Sexual violence affects millions in the United States, yet many cases go unnoticed. Riverside Healthcare’s response to this critical issue is its Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program (SANE Program), offering crucial care and support to survivors right in our community.

“In our journey towards fostering safer communities, we must acknowledge the profound impact of sexual violence on individuals and societies. By training our nurses as SANEs, Riverside demonstrates a commitment to offering continuous care and support to local survivors, ensuring their voices are heard and their healing journeys respected,” says Chris Davis, Riverside SANE Program Coordinator and Emergency Department Nurse.

Becoming a SANE nurse involves intensive training, including a 40-hour course covering everything from theory to hands-on practice. Prospective SANEs undergo clinical training, learning procedures like sexual assault kit processing and collaborating with advocacy centers and legal authorities. This training ensures SANEs are well-equipped to provide comprehensive care.

The SANE Program is inclusive, welcoming registered nurses from diverse backgrounds. However, nurses must work in settings where they can care for sexual assault patients, like emergency rooms or treatment centers. This inclusivity ensures survivors receive care from qualified professionals.

Riverside’s dedication to the SANE Program is evident in recent upgrades to its facilities. “The addition of a dedicated SANE room in the ER emphasizes the organization’s commitment to survivor-centered care. This space offers privacy and comfort, allowing survivors to undergo treatment and access support services in a safe environment,” Davis states.

SANEs go beyond medical care, offering emotional support and aiding in evidence collection. They prioritize survivors’ well-being, addressing both their medical needs and emotional recovery. Riverside also partners with local organizations like Clove Alliance, providing invaluable assistance throughout survivors’ journeys.

Collaboration is key in Riverside’s approach to supporting survivors. The Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) brings together healthcare pros, advocates, law enforcement, and legal reps to ensure a unified response to sexual violence incidents.

In essence, Riverside Healthcare’s SANE Program is a lifeline for survivors. Through specialized training, enhanced facilities, and community partnerships, Riverside demonstrates its commitment to providing compassionate care. With initiatives like the SANE Program, Riverside Healthcare continues to support health, healing, and well-being in our community.

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