Lights, camera, awww! – Riverside Offers “Fresh 48” Photo Shoot

Riverside Healthcare is excited to announce the launch of an exclusive “Fresh 48” newborn photo service in partnership with
Mila Mae Photography at the Riverside Family Birthing Center. This unique offering is designed to provide new parents with
a seamless and memorable experience, capturing the first moments of their newborn’s life in high-quality, professional photographs during their hospital stay.

Photography session details
● New parents will have the opportunity to choose their favorite images from a personalized online proofing gallery. The gallery link will be conveniently sent to the email provided during the hospital stay. The selection process is user-friendly, allowing parents to easily “heart” their preferred images via phone or computer.

● As part of the standard hospital stay, parents can choose up to three images at no cost.

● Each additional image beyond the initial three is available for purchase at $10 per image.

● The complete gallery can be purchased for a special price of $150.

Once the image selection is made, Mila Mae Photography will professionally edit the chosen photographs, delivering them to
new parents in high resolution.

For more information, please contact Mila Mae Photography at (630) 390-4394.