Pediatric Care Continuum: Best Practices for a Healthy Start to Life

A child’s pediatrician is a very influential person in shaping a healthy start to life. In fact, experts recommend that parents secure a pediatrician prior to giving birth so once the baby comes into the world they already have a healthcare professional on their side.

Dawn Willbarger, Vice President of the Riverside Medical Group, shares information about the pediatric care continuum

Dawn Willbarger, MBA

and why it is so important.

Riverside Medical Group and Comer Children’s Hospital: A Beautiful Partnership

Riverside Medical Group and Comer Children’s Hospital offer services ranging from outpatient care to inpatient care. Riverside Medical Group pediatricians provide care in the clinic, from prevention to treatment of acute and chronic diseases. If a child requires an inpatient stay, Comer Children’s Hospital pediatricians are on staff to treat the patient.

As mentioned above, Riverside providers encourage every new parent to select their pediatrician prior to delivery. Doing so allows parents to choose a pediatrician that best aligns with their goals and understand the preventative plan that will start from the very first visit with the pediatrician.

“Since our inpatient Comer pediatricians will be documenting care in our electronic medical record, the Riverside Medical Group pediatrician will be able to view the documentation and continue care upon discharge for that very first visit,” states Willbarger. This partnership goes both ways, too. Should a health issue arise, and a child needs inpatient care, Comer Children’s Hospital is available to meet that need.

“Riverside aims to keep our patients in the community, but we know there are times due to the patient’s condition that may not be possible,” adds Willbarger. “Our relationship with Comer allows for a seamless transition to Comer Children’s Hospital in Chicago if the need arises.”

What Sets Riverside Apart?

Willbarger is very proud of the depth of experience Riverside pediatricians possess, as well as the knowledge held by the pediatric-trained nursing staff. Another benefit is that one of the newest physicians, Dr. Herrara, is bilingual—which brings an additional touch to the community in terms of care access.

Willbarger also shares that Riverside had identified a gap in care access surrounding health insurance. “We now accept some health plans that we did not accept in the past, such as the Aetna Better Health Medicaid plan and Blue Choice options like Blue Choice Select, Blue Choice Exchange Preferred. Again, our goal is really to provide care access to our community so patients don’t have to leave the community.”

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