10 things you might not know about Riverside

The interesting thing about health care is that it’s not something you usually spend much time thinking about until you need it. Here are some things people may not know are available at Riverside—from advanced cardiac and spine surgery to life-changing carpal tunnel surgery and a world-class cancer program. Please take a moment to learn, or refresh your memory, about the extraordinary things we are doing right here at Riverside.

1 Heart care
The award-winning team at Riverside’s Heart & Vascular Institute specializes in cardiology, interventional cardiology, electrophysiology, cardiac surgery and vascular surgery, all right here in the community. This allows you and your loved ones to get advanced heart care close to home, which is especially important in an emergency.
“Every second counts in a cardiac emergency, which is why the team at the Riverside Heart & Vascular Institute is proud to provide a full continuum of heart care for our community,” says Vikas Patel, MD, interventional cardiologist at the Riverside Heart & Vascular Institute.
The providers at the Riverside Heart & Vascular Institute strive to continue to bring the latest advancements in heart care to the community. The state-of-the-art interventional suites at Riverside allow providers to intervene using minimally invasive procedures, such as TAVR and WATCHMAN, which provide better outcomes for patients.


The Riverside Neurosurgery Specialists team uses advanced robotic-assisted technology and expertise to treat a wide range of conditions.

2 Neurosurgery
Riverside is the only hospital in the region providing on-site brain and spine surgery. Riverside’s neurosurgeons are specially trained in some of the most advanced, minimally invasive techniques and technologies. What’s more, patients who suffer a stroke or brain or spinal cord injuries don’t need to be transported by ambulance or helicopter to distant medical facilities for care—saving precious time. Our dedicated team ensures comprehensive, expert care right here at Riverside.“It is important for patients to know they do not need to travel for advanced brain or spine care,” says Juan Jimenez, MD, neurosurgeon. “Our team at the Riverside Neurosciences Institute is able to provide patients with a full continuum of neuro care in the community.”


Patients have access to the latest in cancer treatment technology at Riverside Cancer Institute.

3 Cancer care
At the Riverside Cancer Institute, we want patients to get the best possible treatment as close as possible to their homes and the support of their family and friends.
We are proud to say that we offer this ideal treatment scenario at Riverside with a dedicated care team supervised by the expertise of numerous oncologists. Even more, we added a second TrueBeam Linear accelerator, the latest in radiation cancer treatment technology.
“The TrueBeam can be used to treat nearly all types of cancer, in nearly any location and including some of the most rare cancer types,” says Issra Rashed, radiation oncologist at the Riverside Cancer Institute.
With leading-edge technology, like the TrueBeam, access to hot-off-the-press oncology treatments and an excellent oncologic care team, patients have access to the best possible care, right here in the community.


Patients living with chronic pain and restricted mobility can get help regaining their quality of life at the Riverside Orthopedic & Spine Center.

4 Orthopedics
Riverside Orthopedics provides relief for those living with chronic pain and restricted mobility looking to return to a quality life.
Our orthopedic team treats a wide range of conditions and sees patients of all ages—children, adolescents, adults and older ages. Some people may need surgery and rehabilitation, while others can be treated with nonsurgical approaches.
What really sets Riverside apart from others is the talent of our team. We offer expertise with a dedicated hand surgeon, sports medicine specialists and even physicians focused on robotic surgery.
Using Mako SmartRobotics, our team is able to use 3D, CT-based software to cut incredibly precisely, protecting healthy bone and allowing for a better implant fit. Additionally, the robot’s AccuStop technology helps to better guide the surgeon in areas that are difficult to see, allowing for less cutting.
“By embracing Mako Robotics in surgery, we’re ensuring the highest level of precision, faster recovery and a more tailored approach to unique needs, all to make the journey to better health smoother and safer,” says Riverside Orthopedic Surgeon Mohammed Ahmed, MD.

Same-day carpal tunnel release
Orthopedic hand surgeon Taruna Madhav Crawford, MD, CIME, and orthopedic surgeon Jonathan Cotton, MD, now offer carpal tunnel release with UltraGuideCTR by Sonex Health.
The low-profile UltraGuideCTR uses technology developed by physicians at the Mayo Clinic. The design allows carpal tunnel release (CTR) through a single incision while protecting sensitive anatomy.
“For many, the Sonex procedure offers an opportunity to get the relief they seek,” says Dr. Crawford. “Often, my patients are apprehensive because of the recovery time associated with traditional carpal tunnel surgery. This offers a different approach.”
CTR with UltraGuideCTR is performed under real-time ultrasound guidance. This enables the physician to perform CTR through a small incision, typically closed with an adhesive strip or bandage instead of sutures. The procedure can be completed in an outpatient setting and using local anesthesia. It can reduce pain and allow for faster recovery. Most patients return to regular activity in three to six days.


5 Riverside Medical Group
With nearly 170 providers representing 24 specialties and locations across five counties, Riverside Medical Group continues to expand to meet the changing needs of the communities Riverside serves.
“Access to care is incredibly important, and in order to be able to better provide this access and expand our care, we are actively recruiting primary and specialty care providers in the growing Riverside Medical Group,” says Dawn Willbarger, Vice President of Riverside Medical Group.
We are working to educate and encourage preventive services for patients and leverage technology for greater accessibility and efficiency through tools like MyChart to enhance patient and provider communication.


6 Emergency services
Riverside’s emergency room (ER) provides the most advanced emergency care, close to home. The only ER in the area to offer direct access to on-site heart surgery and neurosurgery, Riverside also has the area’s only on-site pediatricians from the University of Chicago Comer Children’s Hospital.
Additionally, Riverside’s team of skilled doctors and nurses are now working with the latest technology in all areas of patient care in the emergency department, allowing for improved patient flow and communication.
“Our community (benefits from the) latest in emergency medical innovations, close to home,” says Riverside Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Kyle Benoit. “In an emergency, seconds can make all the difference, and having access to state-of-the-art emergency care is at the utmost importance for patient outcomes.”


Riverside Senior Life Communities offers independent and assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing.

7 Senior Life
Riverside Senior Life Communities is proud to offer a full continuum of care, from independent living homes and apartments to assisted living and memory care, as well as skilled nursing.
At the heart of a care continuum is a commitment to enhancing residents’ quality of life. With a variety of care options available in one location, older adults receive personalized care that maintains their dignity while allowing them to pursue the activities they cherish.
Aging often comes with a diverse range of health conditions, from chronic ailments to sudden medical emergencies. A care continuum ensures that older adults have access to precisely the level of care they require, be it assistance with daily activities, medical oversight or specialized memory care.
For families who play an active role in their elderly loved ones’ care, having all the necessary services in one place can greatly enhance convenience. Visiting and supporting their family member becomes more straightforward and less burdensome.


8 A teaching hospital
Teaching hospitals, like Riverside, are the intersection between medical care and education, offering unique advantages to patients and aspiring health care professionals.
Riverside offers residency programs in internal medicine and psychiatry and fellowship programs in cardiology, interventional cardiology and gastroenterology.
Additionally, teaching hospitals offer a dynamic learning environment for residents and fellows where the latest medical innovations and technologies are seamlessly integrated into patient care.
“Teaching hospitals are essential to the health care system,” says Riverside President and CEO Phil Kambic. “Riverside provides leading-edge medical care while building the next generation of health care providers.”


9 Immediate Care
When you or someone you love doesn’t feel well or needs medical care that just can’t wait, Riverside Healthcare is here.
“Our Immediate Care locations provide treatment for minor, non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries when and where you need it most,” says Riverside Immediate Care provider Jessica Morales. From mornings to weeknights and weekends, we offer immediate,
convenient and accessible care.”
It’s no secret that an emergency room isn’t always the right choice for medical care. And infections and illnesses don’t wait for regular weekday hours. That’s why Riverside providers are available when you need them—to help you fight off that Sunday sinus infection or treat your child’s after-school injury. Riverside designed our Immediate Care locations to provide patients with affordable, convenient alternatives to the ER or your primary care provider. Rest assured, you will get in, get out and get better faster at Riverside.


10 MyRiverside
MyRiverside MyChart is a secure online health connection for you to access all of your health information in one place. With myRiverside MyChart, you can access your electronic medical record and take it wherever you go. You can access your health information on your desktop or through the app on your phone or tablet.
MyRiverside MyChart allows you to take control of your health by scheduling appointments, checking test results, paying bills, messaging your doctor and more. You can also request access to your family’s health records so that you can manage care for your children, spouse or parents too.

Take the hassle out of your health care
Download the myRiverside app from the Apple App Store or Google Play today! Or sign up at riversidemychart.org.