HEALTHCURRENTS – Take Action: Fight the Flu

This month on HealthCurrents we discuss flu symptoms and prevention. As #FluFighters, we truly care about protecting our patients and ourselves from the spread of flu viruses every season. Washing…

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How migraine and mini stroke affect stroke risk

Stroke symptoms can be deceivingly similar to symptoms of other neurological conditions. From vision problems and nausea to severe headaches and sound sensitivity, how can you know whether your symptoms are fleeting…

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Know the Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

Memory Loss that prevents or disrupts daily life. Difficulty doing familiar routine tasks. Withdrawal from usual activities or social events. Changes in mood or personality Problems with words both speaking and writing. Confusion with time, dates and places. Decreased or poor judgement.

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Tips for Caregivers

Educate yourself about the progression of the disease. This will help you understand some why your loved one is acting the way they are. Engage in their favorite pastimes, such as cooking a family recipe or looking through family photos. Remember to take time for yourself. Your mental and physical health…

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