HEALTHCURRENTS – Take Action: Fight the Flu

This month on HealthCurrents we discuss flu symptoms and prevention. As #FluFighters, we truly care about protecting our patients and ourselves from the spread of flu viruses every season. Washing…

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Swim Safe

Swimming is a fun way to stay cool and be active. Before div-ing in, make sure you know these tips for staying healthy and safe while swimming…

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Fun in the Sun

Your summer plans may include hitting the beach, or just spending more time outdoors. Make sure you plan to avoid sunburn, which can increase your risk of skin cancer. · Seek shade, especially during midday…

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Beat the Heat

Heat-related illnesses claim the lives of hundreds of people each year, so it is important to take these precautions when working or playing outside during the hot summer months: Drink plenty of water or other…

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Just Add Water!

There’s plenty of summer fun for everyone to enjoy. We had a blast speaking with the lifeguards at Splash Valley. Plus, make a splash this summer at these local venues. Be sure to pack extra sunscreen…

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HealthCurrents – Sun Safety Tips

Summer is heating up and we’ve got you covered, literally! Exposure to the sun can cause damage to your skin, eyes and immune system. Protect yourself with these sun safety…

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